Cheering on Growth

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by Katie Delp

We are exhilarated by growth. It’s such a unique joy to watch a person, community, or organization move more deeply into their strengths and push to new heights. This month at FCS, we are celebrating two of our staff members who have each stepped up to new opportunities within our team.

Shell Stafford has been working for FCS since she was 15 years old. What began as an after school job, stuffing newsletter envelops for Bob Lupton, developed into decades of hard work and fantastic contributions to the FCS team. She has served as Accounting Manager for many years, offering professional support to our operations.

In 2018, Shell is excited to expand her resume and move over to our FCS housing department, where she will take on the role of Housing Services Manager. This position will allow her to engage with our rental clients and homeowners in a valuable and personable way. Shell admits it will be a new challenge to work face-to-face with neighbors who may be behind on their payments, but she looks forward to this new opportunity to grow and continue to serve at FCS.

With the Accounting Manager position open, FCS’ receptionist Mpho Gwabeni is stepping up to complete the team. At the front desk in our office, Mpho began doing some data entry and says the numbers drew her in. While many of us may not relate to that sentiment, she began to connect in with the finance and accounting staff, who immediately noticed her natural talent and began to train her.

Mpho has a longtime connection with FCS as well. Her mother purchased her house through FCS when Mpho was a child. “The housing program was a life saver for us,” Mpho says. “Having just emigrated from South Africa, being able to find an affordable place to live was huge.” We are so glad Mpho’s mother connected with FCS, and we’re cheering Mpho on as she steps into this promotion and grows professionally!

Growth and change is not without challenge, but it is a beautiful journey to watch. We celebrate with neighborhood kids when they pass important milestones. We rejoice with homeowners when they pay off a mortgage. And we cheer on our team as they learn new skills and take on fresh opportunities. Who are you cheering on today?   

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