What Can We Not Even See?

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by Shawn Duncan

We are thoughtful, thorough, and thinking people, are we not? We read the Bible and we scour the Scriptures, paying close attention to how God calls us to live in the world. We study Jesus’ example and explore practical ways we might follow his lead in our own day-to-day experiences.

This may not seem related, but I promise it is. Take a look at this short video because it blows me away every time I think about it.

Did it fool you? I would like to let you believe I noticed all the changes immediately as they happened because I have such keen awareness and sharp perceptions. But the reality is that all of us focus in on something, and that attention often means we’re missing something else.

The same is true when we read the Bible.

For years, I was tuned into the verses about sin and salvation, about beliefs and behavior, about worship and witnessing. But I failed to see - after years of preaching, after hours and hours of being taught - was perhaps the biggest, hairiest gorilla in all of Scripture - solidarity with the poor, justice for the marginalized, and sacrifice on behalf of the “other.”

In our Reimagining Charity Seminar, we unpack the unintentional consequences or sheer lack of results by our well-intentioned efforts. Often participants are shocked! It’s a natural reaction. Many of us are so used to paying attention to the details and the logistics and relationships, that we failed to noticed a gorilla walked through the middle of the room!

Our blind spots are one reason it’s so helpful to come together as a group and to invite and outside voice (and eye) who can facilitate conversations about gorillas and missing teammates and curtain colors. (Okay, we dive into much more ministry-specific practicalities as well!)

It’s a difficult shift to realize we may have missed something so obvious. But the sooner we can collaborate and reimagine our charity efforts, the quicker we can see meaningful results that make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our Reimagine Charity Seminar is a distillation of 40 years of on-the-ground, hard-won wisdom. We would love to come and share with your church or organization! For more details, reach out to our team today! (Contact: pearilya@fcsministries.org)

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