Establishing Equitable Mixed Income Community

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Neighboring is foundational in our work at FCS. But neighboring has been so much more than a community development strategy to me and my family -- it’s become our normal life. Each day, I’m grateful for the run-of-the-mill overlaps with my neighbors and for the opportunity my kids have to grow up in an equitable, mixed-income community.

Atlanta at large is changing. Rent hikes and rising housing costs have many Atlantans afraid that gentrification is on its way, bringing changes and hardship they won’t be able to avoid or control. Inequitable development often means many will lose homes. For me, it would be easy to fear that I would lose my neighbors, the ones who have made South Atlanta my familiar home.

But in the face of this change, I am encouraged by the quiet work we’ve managed to establish together as FCS. To date, we have provided over 168 units of affordable housing to South Atlanta residents. We’re working on renovating a dozen more houses. In our neighborhood, 25% of homeowners are low-income or moderate income.

Even as Atlanta and South Atlanta start to ride the wave of development, something unusual is happening in our neighborhood. Our neighbors will actually get the chance to enjoy the benefits of new development because they own their homes! They’re here to stay. When rents rise, we know residents renting from FCS will still be able to afford to stay. I will get to keep my neighbors. Whatever changes come to South Atlanta, we will weather and enjoy them together.

What an exciting moment to keep building! South Atlanta has emerged on the cutting edge of mixed-income development. And we want to continue and propel the best of equitable progression. Keeping the affordable housing inventory in Atlanta high is key to that end.  Over the next two years, we’re hoping to triple the FCS rental home portfolio. Obviously, this is a huge undertaking, and one we cannot do alone.

It will take a village to realize this goal - and we’d love for you to be part of the innovative housing work in our neighborhood. Will you give to the work of establishing an equitable mixed-income community by donating to FCS?  

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