A Night 40 Years in the Making!

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When Bob Lupton decided to move to downtown Atlanta and start a ministry serving neighborhood families, he ignited a movement that is continuing with strength and passion today. On November 15, decades of FCS family and supporters gathered to celebrate the past and look forward to what’s ahead.

Longtime South Atlanta resident Mr. John Haygood with his daughter and FCS Board Member, Lisa Haygood.

Longtime South Atlanta resident Mr. John Haygood with his daughter and FCS Board Member, Lisa Haygood.

Our staff constructed an interactive, city “block” with each house detailing an FCS program or partnership. You could walk up to the checkout at Carver Market, sit at a Community Grounds table, peek at presents under the Pride for Parents tree, walk inside a house being renovated, or get an up close look at bicycle gears. Lawn games adorned the front yard of our city block, and party goers enjoyed cornhole and ladder ball!

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Community is built around the table. And it’s best when sharing delicious food! We enjoyed chicken and waffles, BBQ, fried green tomatoes, mac and cheese, and so much more culinary goodness.

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Together we had an evening of storytelling, laughter, and memory-making. Board members Florida Ellis and David Allman shared what they’ve learned and appreciated from their years of serving with FCS. They told good-natured stories of Bob’s leadership and reflected on what the early years of FCS have brought into the present. Bob Lupton also shared his gratefulness for those who’ve supported FCS from the very beginning and the surprising ways people have come alongside the vision and the difference it has made for neighbors.

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FCS is poised and ready for the next 40 years! President Jim Wehner and Executive Director Katie Delp shared how FCS’ four pillars - mixed-income housing, economic development, neighborhood engagement, and training - are addressing holistic needs in the local South Atlanta context and impact communities across the country. They shared their vision for increased affordable housing units, new businesses in the neighborhood, and fresh partnerships infusing energy and expertise into the community.

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It was a joyous night! We are so proud of the legacy of Bob Lupton and what FCS has accomplished through the last several decades. And we are so excited about the future of our work and the impact FCS will have on neighborhoods. It was a gift to celebrate with so many people who have committed their time, energy, resources, and talents to the flourishing of communities in Atlanta.

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