5 Sights to See at Treat Street 2018

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As anyone who’s been around kids knows, candy and costumes draw people together! It’s hard not to smile with a mouth full of taffy, sprinting from game to game, cape billowing behind you, even if you’re picking said taffy out of your teeth for a few days afterwards. Each year, the South Atlanta Civic League’s Treat Street event features sights like these as it showcases our creative community. Keep an eye out for the following 5 sights when you join us at Treat Street this year Sunday, October 28 starting at 5:00pm!

#1 Creative Costumes

creative costumes.png

Treat Street started as a chance for neighbors to showcase their creativity. Over nine years ago, we noticed kids from the neighborhood ringing doorbells in street clothes, hands out to receive candy. Since the institution of Treat Street, we’ve seen doctors, superheroes, lions, and oh so much more!  We’re looking forward to seeing that same creativity unleashed this year.

#2 Candy and Sweets!

candy and sweets.png

Sugar rushes abound at Treat Street with the help of parents, volunteers, and other community members. Parents pitch in, and the South Atlanta Civic League collects candy donations each year to be sure Treat Street satisfies every sweet tooth. What candies will we see this year?

#3 Activities & Games

activities and games.png

Cornhole, ring toss and more. Each year, neighbors get to test their skills at fall game skills as volunteers put on various booths for the kids. The bravest souls head into the haunted woods, where adults and other local teens do the best to scare them! Meanwhile, less thrill-seeking faces transform into butterflies, pirates, and more with the help of volunteer face-painters.

#4 Partners Coming Together

partners together.png

Our broader community links up to pull off Treat Street each year. We’ve hosted booths for Carver Market, Georgia Food Oasis Program, and many others. Each year, we’re grateful for Moving in the Spirit’s generous contribution of old dance costumes.

#5 Our Beautiful Community


Celebrations bring out the best in many of us. In South Atlanta, Treat Street serves as an opportunity for our neighborhood to showcase its zany and fun side in a way that local kids will remember for years to come. As we seek flourishing together, making space for goofy, sweet enjoyment provides a taste of the hope for which we’re working.  

Whether you see Halloween as a frightfest or delightfest, Treat Street holds some memorable sights for everyone who comes through. Be sure to join us at the South Atlanta Park October 28th at 5:00pm! Or donate a bag of Candy to help sweeten the time!

What were some of your favorite memories of Halloween?

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