Shouts and Tears of Joy: Pride for Parents

by FCS on


“This is amazing!” shouted a happy grandmother ringing up her toys. “I had no idea you all did this for families. I got your coupon in my grandbaby’s backpack. I knew this store sold good food. But now toys? It’s just too much goodness for our neighborhood!” This grandmother was one of the hundreds of parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who walked through our doors this holiday with the same enthusiasm - delighted to shop in their neighborhood at an affordable price.

I also encountered one of my own neighbors, whose eyes filled with tears as she spoke. “We just don’t have any financial margin this year. Pride for Parents filled in the gap for us.” I know her well enough to know she and her husband would not have asked for help providing gifts for their two girls this Christmas.


But Pride for Parents isn’t about asking for help. Instead, it’s an opportunity for families like my neighbor’s to provide for themselves and to be generous. This same woman organized her own workplace to donate toys to Pride for Parents so other families could benefit as she did this Christmas.

All these shouts of joy and grateful tears wouldn’t have happened without you. As a generous toy donor, financial sponsor, or committed volunteer, your contribution to Pride for Parents made it another successful year for our neighborhood toy store. We cannot thank you enough for giving gifts that gave dignity, pride, and joy to South Atlanta families this Christmas. It’s our privilege to work with you.

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