We Did It! Community Shows Up for Community Grounds

by FCS on

Community Grounds Cafe has become the unofficial town square in Historic South Atlanta. It is the place where neighbors come to meet old friends and create new ones. It’s a place where the coffee is hot (or cold, if that’s your preference), the laughter is frequent, and trust is being built every day.

Community Grounds strives to be a welcoming place for all the unique (and eclectic!) neighbors who walk through the doors. We love seeing unexpected interactions play out and watching how people grow. Our manager, JaTelle Woods, says that her favorite memory was seeing a teenager teach an older woman in our neighborhood how to ride his hoverboard.

In June, our community raised $10,000 for a new espresso machine. The machine we bought used nearly a decade ago was in such rough shape the man who services it was shocked it was still running! Last week, our new espresso machine was installed, and it has already been a blessing in the shop.

Customers are getting their coffee more quickly, and JaTelle knows she can trust the equipment to run smoothly and consistently. The new machine is ensuring that Community Grounds can continue to be that gathering place for relationships in Historic South Atlanta for years to come.

It was beautiful to watch our community rally to support this beloved neighborhood spot. We are so incredibly thankful to be a part of a community that lifts one another up.

We will be hosting a free latte day on August 4th from 9am to 2pm to celebrate and say thanks! Hope to see you there!