Raise A Latte With Our Neighbors!

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We recently shared about our Raise a Latte campaign and the need for a new espresso machine at our coffee shop. We've had 10 days to raise $5,000 and take advantage of a matching grant to fully fund a brand new machine. We are closing in our goal, and as the money has come in, so have the stories.

The mission of Community Grounds has always focused on coffee and, more importantly, the people who make up this beautiful community. It's been a joy to hear stories from friends, neighbors, and customers about how the coffee shop truly stands out as a space of community, friendship, and connection.

Here's a snapshot of some of the people who make Community Grounds special!

Rick and Larry (above) have been coming to Community Grounds every morning for four years. Their playful banter livens up Community Grounds just as much as the coffee. Another regular, Tiffani (below), walks to the coffee shop most days, and her friendly and outgoing personality is infectious.

With ten years of history in this neighborhood, Community Grounds has been a safe and welcoming place for so many people. We're grateful to its co-founder, Mike Pearson (below), who started Community Grounds to be a place for job training and employment opportunities for young people in the neighborhood. He reflects, “I'm proud of the way it has continued to grow and change and adapt to be more of a neighborhood space than I could have hoped.” 


Community leaders like Josh Noblitt (above) and Russell Hopson (below) are also part of our Community Grounds family. Josh is president of the South Atlanta Civic League. His guidance and leadership have been a blessing for South Atlanta. Russell is president of our Neighborhood Planning Unit. He can see Community Grounds from his front door, and he is so glad that the building has transformed from a liquor store into a “gem in the community.”

Of course, we are also so grateful for all the people behind the scenes and behind the counter who are motivated by our mission and who make Community Grounds such a wonderful place to be. 

Shan (above) is one of the baristas at Community Grounds. He cares deeply about the future of our community. Last summer he helped people register to vote, and one day he hopes to work in education. Bryant Cornett (below) is a board member at FCS. He believes that everyone has enormous capacity to help those around them, and is passionate about using vocation as a vehicle for change. We are thankful for his dedication to making Atlanta a better place to live!

Community Grounds is a place where relationships are formed, trust is built, and coffee is served. Our commitment to creating jobs and a place to connect has been life-giving for us and for our neighborhood. We are so grateful for everyone who is part of our story every day. 

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