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For almost thirty years, we have been creating mixed-income housing because we believe a home is essential to a family's health and success. And we celebrate each time a new family buys a house and becomes our neighbor!

We love to introduce new neighbors and give you a sneak peek of our community. You may have seen our previous profiles on Jamesthe BridgesTanisha and Khairi, the Quezadas, or the Gill family. Today, we're delighted to share a conversation with Kimberlee Jones, whose family bought their home in June 2016.  

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

My name is Kimberlee Jones. I live with my husband Charles and our son Judah. I’m originally from Washington DC and moved to Atlanta ten years ago! My husband and I each have our own businesses. I am an immigration attorney, and he has a towing company. I am also an associate minister at Lindsay Street Baptist Church.

What is your favorite thing about living in South Atlanta?

My favorite thing about living in South Atlanta before moving here was the location. We had been living in Summerhill for two years, and we wanted to stay close to downtown and have easy access to the freeways. I also loved that all the houses have nice big yards. 

But since moving here, my neighbors have become my favorite part about the area. Interestingly, I was never the type to be particularly close to my neighbors until I moved to South Atlanta, but now I have such great neighbors it’s hard not to be!

How do you hope to see the community change in the next ten years?

I hope to see South Atlanta continue to develop, and I would like to see more of the houses renovated and occupied. It would also be great to see a few more restaurants. I love Community Grounds, and I would also like to see a farm-to-table restaurant. But I don’t want too much business because I like the secluded feel of the neighborhood.

What has home ownership meant to you?  

Home ownership has meant feeling a sense of permanency. I’m from DC, but I have lived in Chicago, New York, and the Bay Area. When I moved to Atlanta, I always had the notion that I was moving back to DC. As such, I rented homes and never really made them my own because I always felt like I was just passing through. Ownership has meant putting down physical and psychological roots.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I feel like South Atlanta is a hidden gem. There are so many wonderful people here and it provides an opportunity to buy a home that is also a great investment. There is a great deal of opportunity for personal and community growth, which is rare to find in a neighborhood.

We are seeing so much growth in South Atlanta as a neighborhood and in individual residents looking for opportunities to thrive. We're glad to welcome new neighbors like Kimberlee and her family, and we look forward to meeting many more new residents in the future!


Photo above is from the annual South Atlanta Civic League Progressive Dinner, when the Jones family hosted a course. 

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