Creating Together

by FCS on

by Jim Wehner

What would you create in the neighborhood if you had unlimited resources? A community Master Plan? Affordable apartments and single-family homes? What about blighted properties? Could you raise and rebuild some of them to create new houses and a more desirable neighborhood? Would you add a fun restaurant along with Carver Market and create additional local jobs?

For the first time in many years, FCS has this type of opportunity. We do not have unlimited resources, of course, but we are excited to leverage the proceeds of the sale of Glencastle campus in transformative ways that will strengthen the structural fabric of this community. We have lived and worked in Historic South Atlanta for more than 15 years, and it is fun and healthy to dream. It is an exciting moment in our long history of neighborhood revitalization!

You may be wondering what we are going to do. Years of working in the community have taught us that the best place to begin is with our neighbors! We love to hear their dreams and share visions about what could be next. This process shapes our future.

Of course, we have engaged our board, met with community leaders, spoken with the foundations that have long supported our work, and collaborated with organizations we believe will have a big impact on the community over the next five to ten years. But we filter all ideas through the context of our neighbors. One of our guiding principles says, “Ensure goals and priorities are truly shared by putting the interests of the neighborhood above organizational self-interests.”

Thank you for your faithful commitment to FCS! We are jumping into this process of Creating Together, and we’re glad to have your partnership. Stay tuned over the next couple months. Exciting things are happening and more developments are coming soon!