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We love providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and one of our favorite programs at Carver Market is our cooking classes! In a partnership with Food Oasis, cooking classes are offered at Carver Market to families in the neighborhood to learn how to cook using fruits and vegetables. Below is an interview with one of our fantastic chef instructors, Chef Tiffany Davis.

Can you share what program you are working with at Carver Market?

Chef Tiffany: My classes teach lower-income families to cook healthier. We incorporate more fresh and seasonal produce, as well as healthy fats and more diverse herbs and spices.

What do you enjoy most about working with Carver Market?

Chef Tiffany: The class participants are very enthusiastic and have a thirst for learning how to cook different things from different cuisines. I also like that I am able to get ingredients right next door from the market--ingredients that I, as a classically trained chef, use at home.

Can you share a story of a success from a cooking class?

Chef Tiffany: There are varying levels of success. Some of my students go home and make the recipes, and send me pictures of what they made.

What attracted you to Carver Market and Food Oasis?

Chef Tiffany: The previous Food Oasis program manager, Cicely Garrett, contacted me when there was a need for a chef. I had previously taught a similar curriculum in San Francisco and was interested in teaching again. I had no idea Carver Marker existed, and it was a pleasant surprise.

Can you share one thing you have learned from leading this program?

Chef Tiffany: It is always gratifying to see students come along and really take an increased interest in not just cooking, but food and flavors.

What is coming up next for Food Oasis at Carver market?

Chef Tiffany: More classes and meal kits. Stay tuned!

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