3 Benefits of Joining A Seeking Shalom Cohort

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by Shawn Duncan

Seeking Shalom is a video-based, paradigm shifting course for anyone who sees that traditional charity isn’t working and is eager to be part of creating real and lasting transformation. This six week course challenges participants to take a new look at charity as they learn how to effectively love their neighbor. There are three compelling reasons to join one of our nationwide Seeking Shalom cohorts.

Benefit from Diverse Perspectives

Each nationwide cohort gives you the chance to interact with people you would otherwise never know. You will learn alongside leaders, neighbors, and innovators from cities, suburbs, and rural areas across the country. With each member of the cohort bringing their personal experiences, ideas, and perspectives, you will gain an invaluable opportunity to broaden your horizons by learning together with those with diverse experiences.

Learn from Over 30 Thought Leaders

The Seeking Shalom curriculum exposes you to the expertise of biblical scholars, veteran community developers, people who’ve experienced generational poverty, ministry professionals, and many others who are in the leading edge in their fields. You will not get this much expertise in one place for this price anywhere else.

Join a Network of Innovators

Seeking Shalom teaches the difference between sustainable, responsible charity and toxic, broken charity. As cohort members are walking through these difficult transitions in their community, you will be able to lean on one another for support and ideas while navigating this shift. There will be great benefit to listening to other’s practical ideas for living out the content, learning how different tactics work in various cities, and how they can be applied to your community.

The next cohort starts on February 7th. Join us today!

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