We Are Called To The Calling

by FCS on

by Jim Wehner


When my wife and I moved into Historic South Atlanta, we knew what we were committing to. We were intentionally moving into one of Atlanta’s more difficult neighborhoods. As an organization, this is FCS’ sweet spot. We go deep into difficult places and create thriving communities. As a family, we did not make the decision lightly.

Transforming an entire community is a big job and it can be easy to get overwhelmed if we think it is all up to us. But as a staff member recently reminded me, “We are called to the calling. We tend to the vines and God brings forth the fruit.” What a relief! We are called to stay the course. We know what we need to do, and we trust God to bring forth the increase from our work.

So we press on. We restore vacant properties and create affordable housing. We provide stable jobs and teach transferable skills that contribute to success down the road. We create healthy businesses to stabilize the local economy. We live in the neighborhood and build relationships with our neighbors. You can see evidence of significant impact in all these areas within this very newsletter.

However, we are not foolish enough to think we’ve accomplished all of that (or any of it) on our own. We are all part of God’s plan to restore His creation to what it was always intended to be - flourishing.

Just as we need God, we also need you! Your support creates the trellis holding both the vines and the fruit. You lift us up and allow us to do things we’d never be able to do on our own.

I hope you will remember us this holiday season with a donation in support of our work. You are an essential part of our mission and we’re really grateful for your partnership.

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