Why I Give 

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“FCS has hooked my heart,” says Florida Ellis, a longtime member of the FCS Board of Directors. She first met Bob Lupton when he moved into the Grant Park neighborhood in the 1980s. “He wanted to use the Sunday School wing of the Georgia Avenue Presbyterian Church, and I was on the committee to approve his request!” The two developed a friendship, and a couple years later, he invited her to join the FCS Board.

Ellis says she supports FCS because of its holistic nature, which is greater the sum of parts. “Some groups focus on housing, others on youth ministry, or community organizing,” she notes. “I believe a holistic approach within a targeted geographical area will lead to the healthiest and most lasting good.”

We are grateful for her passion and commitment to our mission. She has been a source of consistency and wisdom throughout her decades of service. Reflecting on her years with FCS, Ellis says, “My greatest joy is seeing the next generation of leaders take the reins of the organization. They have taken the time to distill and articulate core takeaways from decades of work. In fact, I sometimes think my involvement is selfish - I get to be in conversation with some of the most amazing, dedicated, visionary people.”

We know Ellis is anything but selfish, and we have benefitted from her continued support. She offers us this encouragement and challenge: “Our work to bring flourishing to people and neighborhoods is worthy of our very best.” We couldn’t agree more!

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