Introducing Our Interactive E-Course: Seeking Shalom

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We have some exciting news!

After years of in-the-trenches education and hours of interviews with some of today’s leading voices on topics of poverty, charity, and community development, we’re delighted to introduce Seeking Shalom. It is a 6 part, interactive e-course about how reimagining charity can transform lives and restore communities.

Seeking Shalom offers dynamic content on an innovative online learning platform. It is a video-based, community-driven experience that will equip churches, nonprofits, and practitioners to transform the charity paradigm.

This videos in Seeking Shalom bring together the rich stories, practical insights, and personal experiences from some of today's most compelling voices, like Bob Lupton, Leroy Barber, Walter Brueggemann, Brian Fikkert, and more. The curriculum offers teaching from over 30 community leaders, those experiencing poverty, biblical scholars, and innovative practitioners. 

Participants in this course will discuss questions like:

  • Is charity working?

  • Why isn’t charity working?

  • What is poverty?

  • How do we seek shalom?

  • What if we went beyond meeting needs to Seeking Shalom?

For many years, churches and organizations have approached FCS for resources and guidance as they shift their programs away from giveaway models to innovative charity with dignity. Out of these conversations, we started our Open House events three times a year. Then, in 2015, we launched The Lupton Center. And now we are proud to share Seeking Shalom as a valuable, accessible resource for churches and organizations anywhere.

We have officially launched the BETA phase of Seeking Shalom and are looking for folks who want to be the first to experience this dynamic new resource. Jump in today at 50% off! To learn more or to get started Seeking Shalom, click here.  

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