Charity Detox Releases In Paperback

by FCS on

"What would charity look like if we cared about results?" That was a driving question in Bob Lupton's 2015 book, Charity Detox. He offers true-to-life examples that push our imagination to consider innovative solutions to poverty. 

One reviewer at Philanthropy News Digest says, "Charity Detox is an excellent resource for those truly looking to 'move the needle' on poverty in disadvantaged communities. And it challenges social entrepreneurs and funders to rethink what they know about charity work. If it forces the rest of us to examine our assumptions about poverty and how it should be addressed, then Lupton has achieved his objective."

We're excited to announce that Charity Detox is now available in paperback. If you haven't read it yet, now's your chance! Or maybe you need to buy a copy for a friend, your pastor, or your missions leader. Get your paperback copy on Amazon today!

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