Strengthening Neighborhood Housing Through Partnerships

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by Cynthia McNeal

In our work with Charis Community Housing, we believe a home is essential to a family’s health and success. We seek to create mixed-income housing opportunities, and we hope to provide families with a stable and amazing place to live.

But home ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, and sometimes neighbors need support and assistance with home repairs. This year, we began partnering with House Proud, a local nonprofit that provides housing repairs and maintenance for seniors and veterans.

What started as a conversation to get to know each other has blossomed into a mutually beneficial relationship. House Proud was looking for properties that met their criteria, and they have committed to working with 25 families in our communities. Their volunteers have been amazing, providing a variety of repairs based on the needs of each homeowner.

Here are a few neighbors who are grateful for the work of House Proud in our community.

Mr. Haygood is a veteran and one of our Historic South Atlanta community leaders. House Proud gifted him a Home Depot Box filled with home supplies.

Ms. Gwabeni is a Charis Homeowner and a pillar in the community, where she serves as one of the leaders at Urban Recipe, assisting others to self-sufficiency. House Proud was able to offer her service and time, which she greatly appreciated.

A large group of volunteers came and painted the house exterior for one of our home owners. We’ve been so grateful for this amazing partnership. House Proud has been able to offer seniors and veterans in our community a wide spectrum of repairs and maintenance, including exterior painting, carpentry, and repairs, such as siding, roofing, flooring, cabinets, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

We love connecting with other organizations doing good work in our communities. Working together, we are both so much stronger, and our neighbors experience the impact of our partnership.

Thank you for your partnership with FCS and our housing programs. We are grateful for your ongoing support as we create mixed-income, stable housing in our community.

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