Christmas in July

by FCS on

It’s about 21 weeks until Christmas! No, we don’t expect you to start trimming the tree or baking gingerbread. (Though we won’t turn down cookies!) But for those of us organizing neighborhood holiday activities, we’ve already started dreaming and planning.

FCS has been hosting our Pride for Parents Toy Sale for many years. And we often encounter groups around the nation hoping to start something similar in their own communities. Whether your church has run a traditional adopt-a-family program or is just getting started in the neighborhood, we’d encourage you to consider a Christmas model that offers dignity, along with toys, to families in your community.

To help, we’ve created an all-in-one resource guide for developing your local Pride for Parents. Not every neighborhood or context will set up a toy sale exactly like ours. That’s why we’ve created this unique guide that includes:

  • Philosophical building blocks for Pride for Parents
  • 4 unexpected benefits of a dignity model

  • Nitty gritty details of collecting donations, pricing, managing volunteers, and more.

  • 3 unique case studies of Pride for Parents programs

This resource is available in our online store for only $12. Get your copy today!

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