Congress Hears about Carver Market

by FCS on

Have we told you about Jimmy Wright? That's him on the left in the photo above. He is dear friend of Carver Neighborhood Market. In fact, we couldn’t have opened our right-sized grocery without him!

Jimmy owns and operates Wright’s Market in Opelika, Alabama. This local store was recently “recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 100 small businesses in America and a Dream Big Blue Ribbon Award Winner.”

We originally met when he attended an FCS Open House to learning about affordable housing initiatives. Soon, as we discussed our desire to impact food security, it was clear we all had a lot to learn from one another.

When we formed our Carver Market Grocery Task Force, it was clear that Jimmy would be a part. His grocery expertise, business insight, and community experience were invaluable in our planning process. He helped us connect with suppliers, set-up our refrigeration, lay-out the store, and learn SNAP program details to benefit our customers using this government program.

Recently, Jimmy testified before the House Agricultural Committee in Washington, D.C.. And guess what? He talked about his work with Carver Neighborhood Market in front of legislators. Check out the video below of his full testimony! (If you want to hear comments on Carver Market, check out minutes 16:00 and 30:00.)

We’re grateful for all the ways Jimmy has supported and shaped our work at Carver Market. We hope they heard his expert testimony at the Capitol and will refine processes to support small businesses and markets in food deserts!

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