FCS 2015 Annual Report: The Stories Behind the Numbers

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We love numbers! They are helpful for showing us and our donors where our money is going and the impact we are making. Our Annual Report is chock full of illuminating (and fun!) numbers. For example, our housing ministry Charis Community Housing renovated 13 houses in 2015! And our brand new Carver Neighborhood Market rang up 41,000 transactions while Community Grounds Cafe poured almost 5,000 cups of coffee. Our Pride for Parents Christmas store provided gifts to 450 families. 

These numbers bring us joy. We are delighted to see our programs being utilized in the neighborhood and to know our work is making a difference. But we also recognize these numbers are only the quantifiable data that can be measured. In reality, it is the relationships and the stories we encounter through our programs that give these numbers life. 

We celebrate the new resident who's moved onto the block thanks to Charis and is showing up at the neighborhood meetings ready to jump in and be a part of the community. One of those 41,000 transactions was a senior who needed vegetables for her soup and was so grateful she didn't have to ride the bus for hours just to prepare her dinner. Coffee was shared by neighborhood parents who met with school board members to discuss upcoming education reforms in our local schools. And a young girl woke up on Christmas morning to delight in the gifts her mom bought for her at Pride for Parents. 

These stories inspire our ongoing work. Great things are happening in South Atlanta, and we're honored to be a part. Thank you for your support as you help us continue to write beautiful stories in our community. 

Download our 2015 Annual Report below to check out all the behind-the-scenes from the year. 

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