5 Things to Know About The Lupton Center's Next Speaker

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by Shawn Duncan

In her book My Name is Child of God . . . Not “Those People”, Julia Dinsmore tells a personal story of poverty from childhood to single motherhood to her middle-years. She uses story, poetry, and song with a desire to give others' an inside look from the perspective of one experiencing poverty. “I’m not a pity party with a microphone," says Julia. "My talks and my messages are about the resilience, brilliance, fortitude of my people.” 

On Tuesday, May 17th the Lupton Center will host the Minnesota educator and activist for an amazing event called "My Name is Not Those People" at 7pm at North Ave Presbyterian. We'd love to have you join us and hear from this inspirational speaker. 

Want to know more about Julia Dinsmore? Here are 5 fun facts about this amazing woman!

#1 - She's got a unique twist on Lent!

Dinsmore says, "I have given up poverty for Lent several years in a row...to no avail."  

#2 - She's a world famous poet.

"The first thing I ever wrote that was longer than a song is a poem that spread around

the entire planet." Check out a reading of that poem by Danny Glover:

#3 - Her book isn't like other books. 

Dinsmore grew up in an oral culture and was largely illiterate in print culture until she taught herself how to write in the midst of writing her book in 2007.

#4 - She was born to dance. 

She promises no one taught her Irish rhythms or showed her Irish dance steps. "Still," Dinsmore says, "somehow I was born knowing them."

#5 - She calls herself Catholic-ish.

"Catholic nuns are a good part responsible for fostering my deep desire to help create a more just world," she says. "In fact, I wanted to be a nun. Instead, I ended up a single mother with three sons!"

Come hear from Julia Dinsmore on Tuesday, May 17th at 7pm at North Ave Presbyterian in Atlanta. The Lupton Center is excited to host this event. You can pick up your tickets here. We can't wait to learn more from Julia Dinsmore!  

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