Breaking New Ground: How FCS’ History will Shape the Future

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by Shawn Duncan

The last eight months have been a flurry of activity as the FCS leadership and a special task force have been laboring to bring life to this new part of FCS’ work. We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of The Lupton Center!

The Lupton Center will offer dynamic training equipping practitioners to reimagine charity, restore communities, and envision innovative solutions to poverty. By distilling FCS’ history, message, and competencies into transformative educational resources, The Lupton Center will prepare individuals, churches, and organizations for healthy community development and responsible charity.

We have already developed two training events, the Reimagining Charity Seminar and the Changing the Charity Paradigm WorkshopWe have led these events in multiple sites around Atlanta and in other states as well. We have many more scheduled nationwide in 2016. Also, The Lupton Center is currently developing an online, video-based curriculum that will reach thousands more with our proven message.

We ask for your fervent prayers and for your generous financial support as we step into this new, exciting territory. When you give to The Lupton Center, you are creating resources that will do two exciting things: One, they will transform charity. And two, they will create revenue to support the neighborhood work of FCS. With your support The Lupton Center can multiply the FCS model and become a nationally recognized resource for reimagining charity and restoring communities.

Upcoming Lupton Center Trainings

March 7-8 - Open House, FCS
April 18-19 - Changing the Charity Paradigm Workshop, Altoona, PA
April 27 - Principles of Responsible Charity, Shallowford Presbyterian Church, Atlanta
May 3-4 - Changing the Charity Paradigm Workshop, Hickory, NC
May 21 - Reimagining Charity Seminar, Des Moines, IA
June 10-12 - Transformative Neighborhood Engagement, Grand Rapids, MI
July 11-12 - Open House, FCS
August 17-18 - Reimagining Charity Seminar, Muskingum Valley Presbytery, OH

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