Introducing The Newest Initiative at FCS

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by Jim Wehner

In an average week, FCS will receive about a dozen calls for help. These calls are not from families in South Atlanta needing assistance. Rather, they are from individuals all over the country that have development questions for their organization or neighborhood.

One group has been given property and is trying to work with their city for development that is inclusive and healthy. Another call is from a denominational leader asking if FCS could provide a workshop speaker to start a conversation among their district churches about smart charity. Two other churches - in separate cities and contexts - contact FCS regarding housing issues. They both have property where they hope to offer affordable housing, and they are seeking guidance to set up their housing in a healthy way for both the church and community.

Our neighborhood has always been FCS’ number one focus. So for years, these calls received low priority. Yet the demand keeps growing. Last year we received over 300 calls for help. Thirty-eight years of work in neighborhood development and poverty alleviation has created a wealth of practical skills and wisdom. And the demand for that knowledge is significant.

In 2016, after 24 months of work behind the scenes, we are ready to introduce The Lupton Center, named in honor of our founder and friend, Bob Lupton. Our goal for the Center is to become a resource for organizations in their smart charity work and Christian community development.

We have been testing the market with workshops and events for two years, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our goal is to raise $400,000 over the next two years specifically to create this program. After that, the center will be a source of income for FCS, returning funds to the overall mission of the organization. We hope you are also inspired by this vision, and we ask you to partner with us and consider a gift to support The Lupton Center this year.

Our Director, Shawn Duncan shares more details here. We are very proud of the work and thankful for those you that participate in supporting this program.


Jim Wehner | President