Our Recent Break-In

by FCS on

by Jim Wehner

We had a break-in at our offices Sunday night. The damage was minimal, and the loss was limited. The thieves were focused on getting the toys we have been collecting for our Pride for Parents Christmas store. Fortunately, the robbery was interrupted. A couple of staff arrived at the offices late Sunday night after picking up toy donations from a local church Christmas party.  

The experience has led to a conflicted sense of vulnerability and thankfulness. My heart felt vulnerable because of the sense of trespass. It never feels good to have someone enter your space and do damage. The heart wants to ask questions of justification: “Who would do this?”  or “Why on earth would someone take toys that were donated?” This sense of vulnerability kept me awake until the early hours of that Monday morning.

Of course, my head could find a place for thankfulness. I am grateful no one is injured and no possessions were taken that cannot be replaced. I am thankful for a team of passionate Jesus-followers who know this is the time to lean into our calling. This is exactly why we are here. To bring the message of reconciliation to all places.

With that said, I am writing to ask you to lean in with us. We need to replace some toys that were generously donated. We have filed the necessary police reports and communicated with our neighborhood in case we might get a lead on the perpetrators. Nonetheless, we hope to fill the Pride for Parents store, even in the face of loss.

Let me be clear. This loss was not devastating. We lost a couple of large bags full of toys and some office equipment and tools. But  if you have the ability to assist us this holiday season with an extra gift for Pride for Parents or a financial gift to help with replacement/repair costs of the office equipment, we would be so grateful. We have also adjusted our Amazon Wish List to reflect the loss from the break-in.

Thank you so much for caring about FCS and our work! We know God has great things in store for our community, and we are looking forward to a terrific holiday season.