Triple Your Impact This Christmas!

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Every year we welcome hundreds of families to our neighborhood Pride for Parents Christmas store. We share in their delight as parents choose that perfect doll, costume, book, toy, kit, etc. for their child. We ring them up and learn a little more about their lives and their families. 

Sylvia visited our Pride for Parents store to browse the day before payday. She then returned the following day with a $60 budget to buy presents for her eight children. She carefully selected personalized gifts and left delighted with her purchases.

Pride for Parents began with the simple belief that families prefer to provide for themselves at Christmas rather than receive a handout. And we’ve seen this idea in action. In 2015, 450 families bought Christmas gifts for their loved ones in our store. The average price of each gift was $4.52.

Pride for Parents is made possible through the support of generous schools, churches, business, and individuals. Every gift triples its impact by providing three Christmas gifts:

#1 - A toy for a child

#2 - The gift of pride for parents who can provide for their families

#3 - A job for local neighborhood residents working in the store.

We’re looking for 2016 partners to host toy drives and support our Pride for Parents store. Please consider participating with us this holiday season. Learn more here.  

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