Who Is Seeking Shalom For?

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by Shawn Duncan

If you haven’t heard the exciting news, FCS recently released a dynamic eCourse called Seeking Shalom.

Seeking Shalom is a video-based, online curriculum that disrupts traditional charity paradigms, builds a robust biblical framework understanding material poverty, and highlights five core principles that will take you beyond simply meeting needs into seeking shalom.

There are 6 sessions in Seeking Shalom. Each one offers a compelling invitation to join the adventure of reimagining charity in ways that will transform lives and restore communities!

To ensure Seeking Shalom is an innovative and transformative experience, we have curated a dynamic conversation with more than thirty unique voices of practitioners, those experiencing poverty, leaders, and scholars.

If you are wondering if Seeking Shalom is for you, let us help.

Seeking Shalom is for…

#1 - Change-Makers

If you know compassionate giving is not enough, this is for you. If you are eager to see real and lasting change take place in the lives of those experiencing poverty, this is for you. Seeking Shalom will equip you with the framework necessary for getting past meeting needs and into transforming lives and restoring communities.

#2 - Thought Leaders

If you lead a church, nonprofit, or another community of practitioners who look to you to shape how things are done and why, this is for you. Seeking Shalom is a resource you can use to train your team to feel, think, and act in radically new ways. With real-time, interactive data available to those who lead private groups, Seeking Shalom was built with leaders like you in mind.   

#3 - Committed Neighbors

If you are in relationship with those experiencing poverty and are eager for healthy conversation partners, this is for you. If you want to better understand the nature of material poverty and faithful ways to partner with those experiencing it, this is for you.

One final element that make this eCourse special is that Seeking Shalom is experienced in community. You can either join a public group or create your own private group. Either way, you will experience this material with other practitioners and innovators like yourself.

Seeking Shalom will change the conversation for good in your community.

To learn more about Seeking Shalom, click here

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