One Simple Way To Be A Good Neighbor

by FCS on

What if there were one simple way you could encourage your neighbors, strengthen your community, and make your streets safer? Well, guess what? We're here to say there is!

In 2016, the South Atlanta Civic League launched a very simple initiative, The Wave Campaign. Short and sweet. They are asking residents to commit to waving at neighbors whenever they are out.

Why is this important? Well, first of all, The Wave Campaign creates a contagious environment of welcome and hospitality. Waving is friendly, and it encourages friendship. You may be surprised to discover the encounters that could begin with a simple wave.

Secondly, waving builds a safer community. If there are individuals walking by your home who may be looking for trouble, a simple wave could redirect those actions. They recognize that they've been seen and acknowledged. It could be the action that encourages them to keep walking. 

Those of us at FCS who live in South Atlanta are excited to join The Wave Campaign! And we encourage you to join in wherever you are. Let's all wave at our neighbors this year! 

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