5 Ways To Love Your Neighbor

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Valentine's Day is around the corner, and it's the perfect time to show some extra love to your neighbors. Whether you opt for grand gestures or small moments of kindness, your acts of love can bless those around you. Here's 7 ideas to get you started, but feel free to share your own ideas about how you can love your neighbors well!

#1 - Throw a Party!

It can be as formal as you want or as casual as you need, but invite some people over! Dust off the board games, pop in a crowd-pleasing movie, or enjoy some Wii bowling. Share some food or ask folks to bring a dish to contribute. The event itself is not the main purpose. The event is simply an excuse to spend time together!

#2 - Offer To Help

Does a teen on your block need assistance with a science project? Could you offer to babysit for new parents who need a night out? Maybe a senior could use some help hooking up her computer. Acts of service can be welcome opportunities to show love to those around you.

#3 - Send A Card

How fun is it to receive mail? In the midst of grocery fliers and power bills, it's always a joyful surprise to discover a hand addressed note. Coupled with words of affirmation and care, this card could be a shining moment in your neighbor's day. Too often, we don't tell people how much they mean to us. Leverage Valentine's Day to tell someone you love them.

#4 - Drop Off Goodies

It doesn't have to be a large gift to make an impact. Have your kids make Valentine's for the neighbors. Or bake some cookies to share. In the winter months, many of us stay inside more than normal, so a small treat lets neighbors know you're thinking of them. You can even hand deliver your gifts and say hi!

#5 - Gift Your Time

In our fast-paced days, the gift of time can be the most valuable. Take a moment to listen to a kid tell you that very detailed story of what happened last week at school. Sit with a senior and spend time getting to know him. Help someone complete a yard task or other odd job. It's not about the activity or the agenda, but the time spent together building a relationship.

We love our community. We hope these ideas will spur your creativity and give you ideas how to show love to your neighbors this month. What other ways do you have? Let us know!

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