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An Exciting New Division at FCS

FCS has been on the forefront of innovative work in under-resourced neighborhoods for almost 40 years. Through our groundbreaking initiatives, the books by our Founder, Bob Lupton, and the impact we have had in our neighborhoods, FCS has emerged as a leader in the fields of responsible charity and community development.

One of the key results from FCS’s strategic visioning process in 2014 was the decision to create, as one of our core areas of impact, an entity that distills this history, message, and competencies into dynamic training resources that equip individuals, churches, and organizations for healthy community development and responsible charity.

So, in July of 2015 we brought onto staff Dr. Shawn Duncan to be the Director of our brand new Training and Education division. He has been hard at work crafting its vision, creating resources, and establishing a network of support for this emerging center for training.

The last seven months have been a flurry of activity, and Shawn and the staff at FCS can’t wait to share some big and exciting news with you about what the Training and Education Division has been working on! But...not just stay tuned!

Current Training Opportunities:

There are a whole host of resources in the development stage that we can’t wait to share with you in the near future. For now, however, there are 3 ways you and your networks can take advantage of the dynamic training offered by FCS.

VISIT US: Open HouseThree times a year FCS welcomes leaders, innovators and practitioners from all over the country who come for two-days to learn about our model for community development. Participants learn from Founder Dr. Bob Lupton, President Jim Wehner, and Executive Director Katie Delp, along with various FCS neighbors and staff. At Open House, participants also get to experience historic South Atlanta, the neighborhood where FCS is currently working.

SEMINAR: Reimagine Charity - This seminar introduces groups to the basic concepts of toxic and responsible charity. It is an interactive 2 or 3 hour event that invites groups to consider why traditional charity paradigms are not working and to envision a new and better way forward. By looking a real life examples, participating in thought-provoking exercises and being exposed to compelling teaching, participants come away ready to chart a new course for more responsible charity.

WORKSHOP: Changing the Charity Paradigm - This workshop is a dynamic, research-based and practical half-day event. It has been built for groups that have read Bob Lupton’s books, participated in the Reimagine Charity Seminar or are simply ready to start changing the way charity is practiced. It is truly a workshop in that participants will work on real-life initiatives and will come away prepared to take the next, best steps in their charity.

We have led and are planning events now all over the country. If you want to learn more or schedule a training, please contact Shawn Duncan, shawn(@) 

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