The Generous Whisper of Hope

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FCS staff is sharing thoughts on Hope this Advent season as we await the birth of the Christ child. This final reflection is by Executive Director Katie Delp.

I was driving down Peachtree Street after picking up toys for Pride for Parents. On each block in Midtown, I recognized a church or business that had contributed toys to this year’s drive. I was overwhelmed by the generosity I’ve witnessed this season. So many have shared gifts in order to create a joyous Christmas for our South Atlanta families.


When I returned to the Carver Market and our Christmas store, I visited with a customer browsing toys. She was shopping for a friend she met in our South Atlanta food co-op. Her friend recently gained custody of three great-granddaughters when their mother tragically died this year. This customer lovingly selected gifts for each girl and gave out of her own meager income to help her friend’s family have a joyful Christmas. I was overwhelmed by her generosity.


At FCS, we share about how Pride for Parents supports dignity and empowerment for families. And it certainly does that. It is beautiful to watch parents find the perfect toy for their kids and make the purchase themselves.


But I’m discovering another side of Pride for Parents this year. It is a program of overwhelming generosity.


Generous donors across the city provide thousands of toys for our little store. Volunteers generously give of their time to wrap gifts and sort toys during this busiest of seasons. And the store is busy with families buying presents to give generously to their children and others Christmas morning.


As we prepare for Christ’s birth during this time of Advent, I can think of no better way to prepare than to participate in this extravagant generosity. It gives me hope.


We are so often reminded of the brokenness of this world, of the fallenness of humankind. But working Pride for Parents this year has been a window into the generosity of God’s heart expressed through people. I am reminded of all the ways God is at work in the world, and I am hopeful as we wait for Christ’s arrival.

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