How To Develop Your Local Pride for Parents [NEW E-BOOK]

by FCS on

We have been hosting our Pride for Parents Toy Sale for many years. We've had the opportunity to talk with groups around the nation hoping to launch similar Christmas stores. As the requests have grown, we wanted to get creative about supporting organizations to run their own Pride for Parents programs.

We are delighted to introduce you to our new, all-in-one resource guide for developing a Pride for Parents Toy Store in your community. Inside this beautiful e-book, you'll find everything you need, including:

  • The philosophy behind Pride for Parents
  • 4 unexpected benefits of changing your model
  • The nitty gritty behind donations, pricing, volunteers, payments, and more
  • 3 case studies of other programs in unique contexts
  • and more!

We are proud to offer you this resource for only $12 in our online store. Get your copy today! 

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