Treat Street is Almost Here

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“I’m here for the candy!” Aren’t we all.

“I’m here for the candy!” Aren’t we all.

Only a few days until the 10th annual Treat Street! For over a decade, the South Atlanta Civic League has hosted this ebullient event full of candy, costumes, and creativity! The idea for Treat Street sprouted when neighbors noticed kids going trick-or-treating in their regular clothes on Halloween. While the candy was great, neighbors saw an opportunity to build a more whimsical experience for kids growing up. And so Treat Street still offers candy and other treats, but you might have to chomp it as it dangles from a string!

We love collaborating with the Civic League and other community partners on an event that truly brings our community together. As we looked back at photos from the many years of treat street, we’re amazed to see how children from our neighborhood have grown up. The small turtle from five years ago may very well be running the Haunted Woods with other teenagers this year! What a gift it’s been to go through life through such a sweet way. 

To get in on the imaginative fun, come by the South Atlanta Park on October 27 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.


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Meet Our Team for the 5k

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And they’re off...almost! The run is still a couple of weeks away, but our team has come together and is humming along. Together, we’re hoping to surpass our earnings from last year and raise $10,000 for FCS’ transformative work at the Generosity Series 5k. 

Each of our team members are running for dignity, empowerment, community and transformation, but each of them runs with a special purpose. A few of them share more about what’s motivating them to wake up on a Saturday morning to run for FCS: 

“I'm running because FCS puts such a big emphasis on dignity. Getting one's basic needs met is important for survival, but being able to keep your dignity in the process allows one really to thrive.”  - Kaci Palmore

"Everything is better in community - including running! I'm putting my feet where my mouth is and raising money that will help build up a lively Main Street in Historic South Atlanta." Jeff Delp

“The FCS 5k is a really great way to invite our youth group leaders and youth to be a part of building their own transforming community by helping raise money for the necessary meals and supplies for our weekly program. It is yet another shared experience together, helping us build one another up to do great things.” - Michelle Witherspoon

"I've spent hours running on the streets of South Atlanta, and now I'm running for South Atlanta! Our neighborhood and the work of FCS is deeply important to me and it is a privilege to support it in this way." - Katie Delp

“I love to run and I love FCS!  What more reason do I need? Maybe that reweaving the fabric of community in a way that builds equity among neighbors while transforming blocks of blighted housing takes resources.  If my running helps to raise those resources than I am all in!” - Jim Wehner 

“I run because I believe so deeply in the work we do and the way we do it. I am proud to represent such an amazing team, impactful work, and historic neighborhood.” - Shawn Duncan

We see this 5k event as a chance to remember how much fun it is to enjoy an urban environment on foot with friends. The event will feature a DJ, prizes (like the fundraising superhero announcement!), and hot coffee for friends manning tables. 

Would you consider sponsoring one of our runners? Or if you want to run and walk with us, register and come out on Saturday, October 27 at 7:30am at Chastain Park.


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3 Things that Happen When Your Mission is Greater than Your Organization

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This piece is the second part of a series on how FCS has stayed innovative for 40 years. To read the introduction, click here. 

We talked about how innovation under-girds all of our initiatives here at FCS. We stay innovative by doggedly pursuing a mission greater than the needs of our organization: the flourishing of South Atlanta. From experience, we know that by choosing a mission greater than an organization your work will gain certain attributes. Here are three traits that emerge when you’re pursuing a mission greater than your organization.

#1 Self-Perpetuation Will Fade as a Goal 

When the mission is bigger than the organization, self-perpetuation is never the goal. We try never to assume that the growth or replication of any product or project is a good thing. The mission is yardstick against which we measure initiatives; it’s always the bottom line. And we will forfeit anything that was previously successful if the mission demands it. Just like the mission supersedes the organization, the needs of the neighborhood trump the needs of the organization.

#2 The Table Will Be More Inclusive

When the mission is the bottom line, it also means that the mission is more important than any one leader. When the mission surpasses any one person, more people feel ownership and come to take part. Eventually, this means a great mission creates a more inclusive table. Once that table is set, we’ve had to listen to these voices. We’ve learned to value the ability to see outside the assumptions of key authority structures. Innovation thrives on variety and diversity of thought. We believe that we can’t do this work without proximity. We live where we work. We submit to the leadership of the community. We fear tables where only one voice is heard. 

#3 Reflection and Readjustment Becomes the Norm

Diversity of voices in a vibrant mission inherently lead to constant reflection and healthy critique. Iron sharpens iron, albeit with a few sparks! We don’t just critique cultural status quo, we critique our own habits, methods, structures. We keep pushing to the next, better solution. Innovation is often launched as a judgment and critique of the failings of the existing models. We want to apply the same rigor to ourselves. When someone offers a critique of what we are doing, our leadership doesn’t figure out how to defend ourselves. We sit and listen to see if it reveals something we need to know about ourselves.

As you might imagine, the realities laid out above can be hard! Having a mission bigger than the organization supplies the courage and the motivation to keep going. Having that vision of flourishing, of collaborating to weave a beautiful fabric, helps us embrace the change that has to happen within us, not only around us.


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