FCS joins Purpose Built Communities network

“I felt it was really natural to become part of the Purpose Built network,” said Jim Wehner, president of Focused Community Strategies (FCS). “It puts us alongside East Lake and Grove Park, and we are excited to be included and to be underneath the umbrella of Purpose Built Communities.

By being part of a national network, we will be able to learn about best practices from the other communities. The end goal will be to “scale into other communities” and have a greater impact in surrounding areas. Read the full article >>

Sponsor a Runner for Our 2nd Annual 5K

Nothing bonds people together like sweating! Early in the morning on October 27th, a group of neighbors will be running and walking just over three miles in support of FCS in Chastain Park. You are welcome to support us in two ways! The first way, is to join our team as a runner and raise money to help FCS reach our goal. If you’d rather be asleep at 7:30am on Sunday, the second way is to sponsor one of our runners. Visit our 5K website for more information on how to run or sponsor a runner.


Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

Samson - A Flawed Champion

What a splendid sight to see, this bronze, muscular, bare-chested son of Manoah riding at full gallop across the rolling hill-country of Zorah, a full head of raven-black hair blowing in the wind. A youth so handsome, so winsome, and with such strength – well, frankly, the peasant people of the region could not help dreaming that he might be the long-awaited deliverer who would free Israel from the oppressive hand of the Philistines. He was, after all, a miracle baby.


How to Weave Innovation Into Your DNA

We do not believe that any project we launch, any strategy we deploy, or any solution we devise is ever final. We have this fundamental belief that the problems neighborhoods are facing do not have single, simple causes. Which means there is no such thing as a single, simple solution. So...innovation has to be in our culture, not just a method to get a new thing started.

How have kept innovation pumping through our veins?


Bike with Jeff for #BikeTober

Almost 7 months ago, I set out on a challenge to not drive my car for the month of March. If you tracked my journey via #nocaratl, you would have seen my musings on the mixture of beauty in this city, as well as, the challenges of living a car-free life in an environment built for cars.

Since March, I haven’t been entirely car free, but I have been pretty close.