Pride for Parents started with one simple belief – families would prefer to provide for themselves at Christmas rather than receive a hand out. Even if a family has limited means to do so, a mom, dad, aunt, uncle or grandparent wants to buy gifts for their families around the holidays. Pride for Parents is a program designed to provide the families in our neighborhood the opportunity to shop for their families at greatly reduced cost.

Through the support of generous schools, churches, businesses, and individuals, FCS sets up a toy store at our South Atlanta location for the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Families we serve throughout the year shop and buy the toys their kids really want at a greatly reduced price. In the process, we are able to provide quality jobs for residents of South Atlanta – one of the key ingredients to making our neighborhood healthy again. Pride for Parents is a unique giving opportunity at Christmas because it provides three gifts in one:

1) The gift of a toy at Christmas for a child.
2) The gift of pride for the parents who are able to provide for their families.
3) The gift of a job for South Atlanta residents.

We can only offer this program through the generous support of our partners. We hope that you would consider supporting us this Christmas season.


Our biggest need is toys! Each year, we collect almost 10,000 toys from our generous partners. We receive toys between November 30th and December 23rd. 

Some suggestions for a successful toy drive:

Collect toys in conjunction with an event. If your organization is having a Christmas party,
performance or gathering, have the entry fee be a donated toy. These type of events usually yield the
greatest number of toys.
Small groups (offices, Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, etc) often set up a time to shop together,
grab a meal and bring the toys to the store together. This can be a bonding experience for the group
and increases participation.
Shopping online is easy, convenient and the way most of us shop. We have an amazon wish list.
Encourage your participants to shop online during a holiday event.
For schools - create a competition between grade levels for most toys donated.

You can find our most needed items here:


 All monetary gifts go towards the purchasing of toys. This helps us fill in with toys for teens that are often not donated as well as toys that are popular and in demand. 

 You can make checks out to:

FCS | Focused Community Strategies
P.O. Box 17628
Atlanta, GA 30316
Pride for Parents in memo line


  We heavily rely on volunteers for the success of Pride for Parents. Volunteer opportunities include: 

• Setting up and decorating the store
• Sorting and pricing toys
• Working at store - cash register, bagging,
customer service
• Gift wrapping

*All volunteer opportunities are for individuals or a group.