Pride for Parents started with one simple belief –families would prefer to provide for themselves at Christmas rather than receive a hand out.  Even if a family has limited means to do so, a mom, dad, aunt, uncle or grandparent wants to buy gifts for their families around the holidays.  Pride for Parents is a program designed to provide the families in our neighborhood the opportunity to shop for their families at greatly reduced cost.

Through the support of generous schools, churches, businesses, and individuals, FCS sets up a toy store at our South Atlanta location for the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Families we serve throughout the year shop and buy the toys their kids really want at a greatly reduced price.  In the process, we are able to provide quality jobs for residents of South Atlanta – one of the key ingredients to making our neighborhood healthy again.

Pride for Parents is a unique giving opportunity at Christmas because it provides three gifts in one: 

1. The gift of a toy at Christmas for a child. 

2. The gift of pride for the parents who are able to provide for their families. 

3. The gift of job for South Atlanta residents. 

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