we build and restore homes

A home is essential to a family’s health and success, and creating mixed-income housing opportunities is the goal of Charis Community Housing, FCS' housing program. For almost 30 years, Charis has been building and restoring affordable, work-force and market-rate housing in our target communities. Charis provides home buying and rental opportunities to families across the income spectrum. All of Charis’ current work is focused in South Atlanta. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a neighbor, click here.



Charis owns a number of single-family rental homes in our target neighborhoods. Rent is prorated depending on income and and availability. 


In an effort to create economic, social and culturally diverse neighborhoods, we provide affordable home ownership opportunities to qualifying families. The Charis Community Affordable Homeownership Program offers qualifying families a twenty year mortgage plan with zero interest.


Charis also sells homes in our target neighborhood at market price. These homes are fully renovated and available to any bank qualified buyer. Come be a part of our unique economic, social and cultural diverse neighborhood!