pride for parents 2017  

Pride for Parents is an annual Christmas toy sale that operates on a founding belief: families would prefer to provide for themselves at Christmas rather than receive a hand out.

Generous individuals, churches, and businesses lovingly donate toys to stock our store shelves, and we sell them at a greatly reduced price so families with limited means can participate in the generosity of the season. If your church, business, or organization would like to host a toy drive, we need you! 

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Growing Businesses In South Atlanta!

Businesses can be powerful tools to increase resources and create jobs in a community. We love the energy and effort behind initiatives like Carver Market and Community Grounds in South Atlanta. But we know there is even more need for sustainable businesses in our community, and we also know there are ideas and small businesses growing already within our streets.


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Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

Partnership Paves The Way

I received an email a couple weeks ago from a housing developer we’ve partnered with in the past. Together, we have worked on half a dozen successful housing projects, rehabbing and renovating blighted houses and selling welcoming homes. Now, six families have moved in and become participants in the positive transformation of their blocks. The impact for the families and the neighborhood is substantial to say the least.

Missionally, FCS is partnering with some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in our great city. 


changing charity for good

“It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we launched The Lupton Center, and we are just blown away by the positive response that it’s received.

So far in 2017, The Lupton Center has reached 1,800 people representing 250 organizations from 35 cities. We are thankful for the opportunity to guide so many caring individuals and organizations towards charity models that identify and build on community strengths, preserve dignity, and allow individuals to take part in creating their own successes.


true humility

The man introducing me before a large church audience was obviously an admirer of mine. He showered me with accolades, portraying me as a brilliant visionary, a highly educated person who could have excelled in any profession but had chosen instead to live among the poor. And then he concluded his glowing remarks saying, “And Bob is the most humble man I have ever known.”

With an introduction like that, what do I say to confirm my humility? How is a truly humble man to present himself? All I could think was to thank my flattering friend for his gracious words and affirm that, indeed, I was a very humble person…and quite proud of it! Fortunately, the audience recognized my humor and erupted in hearty laughter.