Congress Hears about Carver Market

Have we told you about Jimmy Wright? We originally met when he attended an FCS Open House to learning about affordable housing initiatives. Soon, as we discussed our desire to impact food security, it was clear we all had a lot to learn from one another.

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FCS 2015 Annual Report

The Stories Behind the Numbers

We love numbers! They are helpful for showing us and our donors where our money is going and the impact we are making. Our Annual Report is chock full of illuminating (and fun!) numbers. For example, our housing ministry Charis Community Housing renovated 13 houses in 2015! And our brand new Carver Neighborhood Market rang up 41,000 transactions while Community Grounds Cafe poured almost 5,000 cups of coffee. Our Pride for Parents Christmas store provided gifts to 450 families. See our full report >>


Focused Community Strategies partners with under-served neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.


Charity Detox Releases in Paperback

"What would charity look like if we cared about results?" That was a driving question in Bob Lupton's 2015 book, Charity Detox. He offers true-to-life examples that push our imagination to consider innovative solutions to poverty. Read more >>

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like...Christmas?

Some people thrive on the adrenaline surge of last-minute shopping. They rush out on Christmas Eve, battling the crowds in search of the perfect gift for every grandparent, niece, and neighbor. Read more >>


Moving into the Neighborhood

Bob told me, “Moving is not a job requirement..." Then he added with a smile, “Of course, it is difficult to be around the staff at FCS and not want to move into the neighborhood. It is where all the good things are happening.” Read more >>