40 Years of Neighboring

FCS is creating flourishing neighborhoods in Atlanta. Neighboring, dignity, and development are at the heart of everything we do. See what 40 years of neighboring looks like and the vision for what’s ahead. Watch our video!

Establishing a New Restaurant

Our neighbors have told us they love the grocery store and the coffee shop, and they see a restaurant as a next step for the neighborhood. As with our other businesses, we see a restaurant as a “third space,” a social space outside work and the home for neighbors to overlap and gather.

As we look to the upcoming year, we want to listen to this next vision. We want bring back such a place, a place to gather around a table and establish warm memories. FCS has acquired J’s Gas Station, which sits at that entrance of the neighborhood and hasn’t pumped gas for twenty years. This building is clearly visible from Carver Market and Community Grounds, and it is often one of the first places visitors to the community see when they arrive in South Atlanta.


Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

The Ministry of Property Management

The tenements of 1865 London were the hidden scandal of a boisterous, industrializing England. The shadows of belching smoke stacks concealed the dumping ground of the dregs of English society. The foul stench of overflowing sewers and uncollected garbage permeated the air. The tenements - catch-basins of the disenfranchised, stalking ground of predators who fed on their misfortunes - were owned by unscrupulous slumlords who squeezed profits out of every square inch of putrid floor space.


Start:ME has Started

“Being around a group of people that believe in your dream is important. At Start:ME they get it.” Musa Abdus-Saboor of Saboor Construction stopped by the 2019 South Atlanta cohort to share some encouragement in January (watch the full video here). Musa graduated from the Start:ME Atlanta program last year, and the budding business owners of South Atlanta listened with rapt attention. Start:ME had launched about a week earlier with an improv night, and in this second week the entrepreneurs were getting into the brass tacks of building a venture.


Living in the Macrocosm

At FCS, our hyper-focus on local neighborhood has been a hallmark and a boon. It has helped us to weave the fabric of place here in South Atlanta. It’s helped us to build deep relationships, to recognize the image of God in our neighbors. Integrating into this place has given us a common purpose. This quiet, steady integration has huge ramifications, integration for the core of community is common unity with one another. In it, we’ve created a beloved community through small, intentional moments, and long obedience in the same direction.