On mission and moving forward!

The GlenCastle campus, our FCS home for more than 30 years, is an amazing story of transformation. This century-old building served as an Atlanta’s prison for decades before FCS transformed it in the 80’s. Since then, it’s been a space of ministry to families in need of housing, a place for children in our youth development programs, the starting point for schools and small businesses, and a connection for other nonprofits needing inexpensive shared office space. Even now, when we are in the final stages of relocating, it’s almost difficult to imagine it as something else. How do you ignore such a stirring story of restoration as that of a former prison becoming a campus full of life and vibrancy?

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we have some exciting news!

After years of in-the-trenches education and hours of interviews with some of today’s leading voices on topics of poverty, charity, and community development, we’re delighted to introduce Seeking Shalom. It is a 6 part, interactive e-course about how reimagining charity can transform lives and restore communities.

Seeking Shalom offers dynamic content on an innovative online learning platform. It is a video-based, community-driven experience that will equip churches, nonprofits, and practitioners to transform the charity paradigm. 


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Focused Community Strategies partners with under-served neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

7 questions to ask before starting neighborhood partnerships

It’s impossible to build strong communities alone. The very word community suggests interdependence. And in forty years of community development work, we at FCS have experienced the immense value of strong collaboration. In fact, we cannot impact our neighborhood for good without partnerships.


New command 101

The community of Las Jirones is fractured. The thousand or so village residents are separated by deep political fault lines. Some cling zealously to the conservative PLC party, while others pledge unwavering support to Daniel Ortega’s socialist Sandinista government.


How we got local youth to eat their veggies...and fruits! 

Since Community Grounds opened, we have had a desire to not only be place that offers meaningful connection and conversation in our neighborhood, but also a place that serves healthy food. For awhile, customers and our staff have asked about getting fresh fruit smoothies on the menu. We know they are a healthier option and a great way to encourage neighbors to eat fresh fruits and veggies. However, we lacked appropriate space and equipment.