Celebrating 40 for 40

 In 40 years, more than 250 houses have been remodeled or constructed to create homes for families. Countless customers have walked through the doors of Carver Market to buy vegetables or pick up a few things for dinner. Summer after summer, kids have explored a world outside the city at summer camp. And each Christmas, parents have had the opportunity to choose and purchase affordable gifts for their children.

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2017 Annual Report: Welcome To Flourishing

As we reflected on 2017 one word that continually rose to the surface. Flourishing. From Carver Market to affordable housing to training and development at the Lupton Center, FCS is creating a space for flourishing in Atlanta. We invite you to explore our interactive 2017 annual report to see flourishing unfold. Thank you for being a part of this story.

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Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

We're Here to Serve

Randolf Street, Saturday morning, 10 am. All is quiet except for a barking dog in someone’s back yard. A van enters the street and comes to a stop in front of a shabby, shotgun house midway down the block. A teenage boy emerges from the front door of the house, rubbing sleep from his eyes.


Welcoming a Leader Who's Not So New

They say there’s no place like home. And for Josh Barber, the new manager at Carver Market and Community Grounds, home is Historic South Atlanta.Josh moved into the neighborhood with his family in 2001.


The Invigoration of Learning Together

The FCS gathering room starts to fill up, signaling one of my favorite times of the year. Leaders from nonprofits all over the country join us in South Atlanta to share with one another and learn about the postures and strategies behind our neighborhood ministry.