Creating Together: FCS 2016 Annual Report 

Working together to create something fresh is an energizing and engaging experience. When it comes to neighborhood revitalization, FCS President Jim Wehner says it this way: "A community in decline does not turn around in the blink of an eye. It takes a minute. It is a subtle shift that requires locking arms with our neighbors... We must create the change together."

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FCS Donates $370,000 To Moving In The Spirit

FCS donated 10 percent from the recent sale of the historic Atlanta Stockade/GlenCastle development to Moving in the Spirit, a nonprofit that shared the Glencastle space and has been a tremendous ally and close partner for many years. Moving in the Spirit is a nationally-recognized youth development program that uses the art of dance to positively transform the lives of children and teens in Atlanta.

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Focused Community Strategies partners with under-resourced neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

the lupton center goes global

Over the last year, we at The Lupton Center have been building a partnership with Opportunity International, Nicaragua (OI-NICA), and on May 3rd we launched our newest initiative, The Institute for International Development.

The purpose of the institute is to transform the paradigm for missions in the developing world by promoting the Community Economic Development (CED).


courageous investment in transformation

It takes great courage to serve on the FCS board. Anyone familiar with real estate investment knows it can be risky, even for a non-profit with a clear mission. Eight years ago, the impact of the foreclosure crisis was tangible as we watched blocks of homes empty of residents and remain vacant. We approached our board and said we needed a better solution to housing in our neighborhood.


harnessing wealth

for good

Pete Ochs knows absolutely nothing about hydro-electric power plants. Well, not until recently anyway. Pete grew up a country boy working hard on the family farm in Kansas. Hard work gave him a hearty appetite – but not just for food. Early on he developed a taste for business as well.

Stirring in his viscera was an entrepreneurial gene that made him restless with the status quo.