Fcs Receives $40,000 Grant from Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation  

When Carver Neighborhood Market opened its doors in 2015, it created a food oasis in Historic South Atlanta, offering fresh food to a neighborhood without grocery stores. FCS aims to get healthy foods in the hands and homes of the families who live in Historic South Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods. A new two-year, $40,000 grant from the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation puts FCS one step closer to this this goal.

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Fcs recognized at georgia state capitol

We love our city and are proud to work alongside creative people seeking ways to serve Atlanta residents and to help our neighborhoods thrive. In March 2017, our FCS team was hosted by Representative David Dreyer at the State Capitol.

Rep. Dreyer proposed House Resolution 298 formally recognizing and commending FCS. 

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Focused Community Strategies partners with under-served neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

when city shapers gather

Who do you know who is working to shape your city to reflect the Kingdom of God? Are you energized every time you are around them? How exciting is it to interact with people who are actively participating in changing your city?

I was so fortunate to experience just this over the last six weeks. I don’t want to make you jealous or anything, but I was able to facilitate the 2017 City Shapers Cohort through the Lupton Center! “What is this amazing thing?” you ask. Great question!


education or housing? 

Our task was to strip donated bikes for usable and resellable parts for FCS’ bike shop. So Diamond and I began to assess the rusty and stubborn bolts and screws. I enjoy volunteering at the bike shop, and program staff are flexible with my volunteer hours as I am often traveling.

Diamond is a sporadic attendee at the bike shop, too, but for very different reasons. Her ability to show up is often based on where she is staying at the moment. 


ezra on immigration 

“We have a problem,” a sober delegation of Ezra’s appointed leaders reported to him. Illegal foreigners had infiltrated Israel’s borders. Not like enemy saboteurs. Worse! They had slipped right into the homes, the bedrooms, of some of the most prominent leadership of the society – even the priesthood!

Yes, it was true. There were disturbing numbers of Jewish men who had taken wives from several of the surrounding pagan countries, had children by them, and were allowing foreign influences to contaminate the Jewish culture.