South Atlanta is Ready for Back to School!

Getting ready for the first day of school can involve lots of preparation and ritual. New haircuts, new shoes, a fresh attitude that this year is going to be awesome. And, of course, backpacks and school supplies to help make the greatness happen!

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FCS 2015 Annual Report

The Stories Behind the Numbers

We love numbers! They are helpful for showing us and our donors where our money is going and the impact we are making. Our Annual Report is chock full of illuminating (and fun!) numbers. For example, our housing ministry Charis Community Housing renovated 13 houses in 2015! And our brand new Carver Neighborhood Market rang up 41,000 transactions while Community Grounds Cafe poured almost 5,000 cups of coffee. Our Pride for Parents Christmas store provided gifts to 450 families. See our full report >>


Focused Community Strategies partners with under-served neighborhoods to provide innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities where God's Shalom is present.

Carver Market Impact Report 

Neighbors said they wanted a local grocery store. Carver Neighborhood Market emerged from that dream. And we have been exhilarated and proud to be a part of transforming Historic South Atlanta from a food desert into a food oasis. 


A Joyful Send-Off to our Summer Interns

In short, our summer interns have been amazing. We hosted three engineering (civil and mechanical) majors from Georgia Tech - Adrienne, Eric, and Luke - thanks to the GlenTech Fund at the Georgia Tech Foundation. And Samantha also joined us from Tulane University made possible by the Arthur M. Blank Foundation. We loved the energy and creativity these students brought to our team this summer!


What Does Shalom Look Like?

Five years ago, we planted a peach tree next to our house. Each year it has produced a bountiful harvest, though I’ve spent the last few summers in a epic battle with the neighborhood squirrels for the fruit. But this year we outsmarted the squirrels, and my kitchen is overflowing with peaches!